Sunduğumuz dil kurslarında İngilizce eğitim ve öğrenim sürecini mümkün olduğu kadar eğlenceli bir hale getirmeyi amaçlamaktayız. Bu nedenle İngilizce konuşma becerilerinizi geliştirirken katılabileceğiniz ve ihtiyaçlarınızı en iyi şekilde karşılayan geniş bir program yelpazesi sunmaktayız. Düzenlemekte olduğumuz etkinlikler sadece eğlenceli olmakla kalmayıp, aynı zamanda öğrencilerimiz için İngilizce dil becerilerini çeşitli ortam ve durumlarda kullanarak geliştirme imkanı sağlamakta.

“Covering current business phenomena the programme gives the professional an edge in the business environment.”

Malta, İngilizce konuşan bir ülke olması ve muhtemelen Avrupa'nın en güvenli ülkesi olarak görülmesi nedeniyle İngilizce öğrenmek için ideal bir yerdir. Çocuklarınızın kurslarımıza katılmasını sağlayarak, onlar için dünyanın birçok yerinden gelen çocuklarla tanışarak arkadaş edinmesine fırsat yaratmış olacaksınız. Kendini işine adamış Akademik, Konaklama ve Boş Zamanları Değerlendirme ekiplerimiz, öğrencilere Malta'da yüksek kalite standartlarında öğrenme deneyimini yaşatmakta!

Cambridge, IELTS ve TOEFL dünya çapında yüzlerce üniversite, kolej ve işverenler tarafından İngilizce yeterlilik göstergesi olarak kabul gören sınavlardır. Bu sınavlar, adayların hem akademik hem de profesyonel ortamda etkili bir şekilde İngilizce iletişim kurma yeteneğini değerlendirmeye yöneliktir. Sunmakta olduğumuz kurslarımız bu sınavlarda başarılı olmanız için gereksinim duyduğunuz hazırlığı sağlar ve özgüven kazandırır.

We offer various types of accommodation for all our students to stay in during their English course in Malta.

An opportunity to attain valuable work experience in a multicultural environment.


Turkey Hello Everyone! I´m Derya, I´m from Turkey and I´ve been studying at Chamber College in Malta for 6 months. The School was one of the best school in Malta, Chamber College has an international and professional group of teachers that give you the opportunity of testing yourself in different way. They can help you whenever you want because they adore their job and they never say “no” to students. All the staff at Chamber College is very helpful and friendly to their students. Let me tell you this when I searched the school in Malta I talked to some different agencies in Turkey and finally I found my agency and in my first meeting they told me that this school is very sincere! And after that I talked to my teacher surprisingly, he told me same thing. I hadn’t understood anything at that time but now I know what they meant!! Chamber College has a lot of different services to help you to improve your different English skills, such as; Writing Club, Coffee and Conversation Class and also the Movies which are held in the afternoons. The island has a perfect weather and transport service is very easy. You can go to other cities by walk. It is crazy for me and you can see several different historical places in here. It has been an amazing experience in my life!!! To sum up, if you want to learn English in a perfect environment and at the same time make new friends who are from different countries I recommend Chamber College without any doubts.

Genel İngilizce23, Colombia

Hello Everyone! I´m Santiago, I´m from Colombia and I´ve been studying at Chamber College in Malta for 6 months. It´s been an amazing experience so far. The island has a perfect weather, the people here is very friendly and the most important thing you are in a multicultural enviroment all the time. The School was one of the best decisions i´ve taken, They have an international and professional group of teachers and that give you the opportunity of testing yourself in different contexts, cultures and accents, all the staff at Chamber College is very dedicated to their students. There, you are not a number, you´re part of a big community where everyone helps everyone to achieve their different English goals, they have a big variety of English teaching techniques and their infrastructure is amazing, They have IWB(interactive White Board) in each classroom, the lessons are dynamic and they have a lot of different services in order to help you to improve your different English skills, such as Writing Clinic each Tuesday, Coffee Conversation Class every Wednesday and afternoon films with English subtitles to help you with your listening. In conclusion, if what you want is learning English in a perfect and secure environment I suggest you Chamber College without any doubts.

- Have you ever been to a language school before? No, I have not. It is my first time. - How did you find out about Chamber College? By Internet. - Can you see any differences between Chamber College and other schools? Yes I can. I think the biggest difference is the location. Chamber College locates in Gzira, the peace and quiet town. So I can concentrate to learn English. - What made you choose Chamber College? As I said, I though the location is really nice for studying. Also, the number of students was one of the reason I chose this school. It is moderate for me, not too many but not too few. - How was your experience with Chamber College? I am really enjoying it. And I actually feel my English is improving day by day. And I have met a lot of nationalities in here. Spanish, Libyan, Korean, Turkish and so on. In my country it is nearly impossible. - How was the accommodation? I am living in Chamber College apartments with some flat mates. It is quite nice and comfortable. Here we can use hot water, cooker, free wi-fi and make some good friends.

Mini Yoğun Genel İngilizce27, KoreaRepublicOf_SouthKorea

The last two months in Malta’s life were Fantastic!! I have made the right choice by choosing Chamber College. A big thank you to all the friendly staff and kind teachers, I had a good time and learnt a lot at the school. I'm glad to improving my English. After lessons I used to look forward to the school activities which I used to join with my school friends from all over the world! We went to the beach, went to the club, and enjoyed the parties. I met a lot of foreigners here. Many times we organised food tasting in our acommodation and we have food preperared from different cultures. Wow! I now talk about my experience in Malta!!! Unbelievable!! Actually, I did’nt want to come back to Korea. I wanted to stay more. I’ll never forget life in Malta and Chamber College. THANK YOU!! I LOVE CHAMBER!! :)

IELTS Exam Preparation20, RussianFederation

Last year, I took an English language course in Finland. I was beginner and it is very help to start improving. Then, I needed an English language course, but higher level. As London is very expensive, I looked another English speaking countries. My friend, who lived in Malta, recommended me the Chamber College. She said that this college is not very famous for Russian student, as good for me. It means, I can focus only in English and don’t speak in my own language. Since I am here, I have been improving a lot. Now, I can understand different accents, because I should speak with students from different countries. As for accommodation, I live in a Maltese family. I think that I am very lucky! The conditions for living are very comfortable. Every day I have a dinner with them and we speak in English a lot. They are very helpful, kind and cook very good.

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