Courses for Adults

We help to make the teaching and learning of our English language courses as fun as possible. That is why we offer a wide variety of programmes fit for you whilst you are here learning English speaking skills. Not only are the activities fun but they give students the opportunity to enhance their command of the English language in different scenarios.

“Learning English is more fun when learnt during leisure and fun activities. That is why we offer leisure programmes for our students.”


The General English Course allows for the learning of the English  Language for students at every level. Our aim is to develop understanding through our English Language Courses, aiding in the development of one’s communication skills.

This course is designed to offer students a solid, structured foundation in the English language. Like its basic level course, you will still benefit from daily interaction and English study as we give you a higher level of structure and communication skills.

One to One lessons are designed for the student who seeks to improve his English Speaking abilities in his area of interest.