Standard Self-Catering Apartments

Self-catering apartments offer our English Speaking students an economical option whilst still enjoying the friendly interaction of fellow students. This allows freedom of private accommodation whilst allowing the opportunity to socialise with people from a variety of countries, cook together and get to know each other while practising English together!

“This option allows an economical choice together with the freedom of interaction with other students.”

Self-catering apartments are located 5 - 20 minutes walking distance from the school and are equipped with the necessary facilities for a comfortable stay of any duration. The price of this accommodation makes self-catering apartments the ideal solution for long term students. We offer three types of self-catering accommodation in the form of one, two or three bedroomed apartments:

Features & Amenities

Accommodation services included:

  • Water & Electricity
  • Cleaning of apartment once a week
  • Change of linen (once a week)
  • Laundry facilities
  • Fan / Heater
  • Cable TV
  • WiFi Internet


Accommodation Type All Year Round
High Season Supplement
19th June - 10th September
Triple Room: 1 to 7 weeks €140.00 €185.00
Twin Room: 1 to 7 weeks €160.00 €215.00
Single Room: 1 to 7 weeks €250.00 €360.00
Triple Room: 6+ Weeks €120.00 €165.00
Twin Room: 8+ Weeks €145.00 €195.00
Single Room: 8+ weeks €230.00 €315.00
* Prices are per week and inclusive of VAT and all taxes - Terms & Conditions Apply

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