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“Covering current business methodology, the programme gives the professional an edge in the business environment.”

This is an entertaining educational programme for students aged 12 - 17 years which offers a memorable experience in Malta. Students learn English in a healthy multi-cultural environment and participate in exciting events!

Cambridge, IELTS and TOEFL are English language qualifications recognised by hundreds of universities, colleges and employers across the globe.

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We offer various types of accommodation for all our students to stay in during their English course in Malta.

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IELTS20, RussianFederation

Last year, I took an English language course in Finland. I was beginner and it is very help to start improving. Then, I needed an English language course, but higher level. As London is very expensive, I looked another English speaking countries. My friend, who lived in Malta, recommended me the Chamber College. She said that this college is not very famous for Russian student, as good for me. It means, I can focus only in English and don’t speak in my own language. Since I am here, I have been improving a lot. Now, I can understand different accents, because I should speak with students from different countries. As for accommodation, I live in a Maltese family. I think that I am very lucky! The conditions for living are very comfortable. Every day I have a dinner with them and we speak in English a lot. They are very helpful, kind and cook very good.

- Have you ever been to a language school before? No, I have not. It is my first time. - How did you find out about Chamber College? By Internet. - Can you see any differences between Chamber College and other schools? Yes I can. I think the biggest difference is the location. Chamber College locates in Gzira, the peace and quiet town. So I can concentrate to learn English. - What made you choose Chamber College? As I said, I though the location is really nice for studying. Also, the number of students was one of the reason I chose this school. It is moderate for me, not too many but not too few. - How was your experience with Chamber College? I am really enjoying it. And I actually feel my English is improving day by day. And I have met a lot of nationalities in here. Spanish, Libyan, Korean, Turkish and so on. In my country it is nearly impossible. - How was the accommodation? I am living in Chamber College apartments with some flat mates. It is quite nice and comfortable. Here we can use hot water, cooker, free wi-fi and make some good friends.

- Why did you choose Malta? Because it’s near France and I don’t want to be far from family, but also because it’s an English speaking country and very sunny as well. - How is your experience in Chamber College? Quite good, students are good, the team is really sympathetic and help me to find my way. - Are you happy with the course? Yes, the teacher is fine and explain us how to improve faster on English. What was the most interesting thing about your stay in Malta? The adventure is so wonderful, and the people are really kind, I met many people. What was your favourite activity? I enjoy play football with students, but also visit Valetta is a really beautiful city. - Do you have any suggestions to those who are planning to come to Malta? Have fun and use your social skills to met many peoples.

General English20, Japan

Hi, my name is Sayaka Shimizu and I am staying in Malta for two months and maybe a bit more. Malta is very beautiful!! Buildings are very cute!! I have friends in Chamber College, various students from different countries come here …It’s good. I want to make a lot of friends from different cultures. I’m very happy! Because if I didn’t come here, I wouldn’t have made these friends.

General English29, Spain

I like Chamber College because the teachers have been very nice with me, I leave the school with new words learned. Every day the teachers and staff of school asked me, how are you to start a conversation and speak in English. In Chamber College, everydays there are activities, like sports, trips, watch English film together and the Wednesday there is a free conversation class, it is good to know people and speak more English.

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